• How Pradeep Walia Makes Life Better

  • Posted on March 28, 2017
  • Pradeep Walia has always demonstrated a strong ability to overcome the adversity, but he does a lot more. He has always tried to help others because he has always been able to empathize with those in need. Honestly, he derives his greatest joy from helping others, which is why he is using his considerable skills as an entrepreneur to show people how to use the capitalist system to bring themselves out of poverty.

    Pradeep Walia experienced quite a few ups and downs in his life, but even at his lowest points, he has always made a point of helping those who only had the downs, and not so many ups. There were many times when he had no money to give, so he gave of himself, whether he was helping out at an orphanage run by Mother Teresa’s or he was helping to hand out blankets to the cold and homeless. In recent years, though he has plenty of money, he has maintained his focus on philanthropic endeavors.

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